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The Rhyming Gramps rhymes "Thank You!"

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  • The Rhyming Gramps rhymes "Thank You!"

    Thanks to you All who read Me right Here,
    your Comments are Something I truly Hold Dear.
    Some have Suggested that I Write a Book,
    took your Advice – Invite you to Look.

    Rhymes that I’ve written - All in the Mix,
    before I had Known - I’d totaled up Six.
    Got Special help from Parkinsonspoet,
    surely the “Best” – I hope that You know It.

    For and Old Guy there’s Still time to Learn,
    maybe more Books – Got time to Burn.
    Regardless what Happens – the Future looks Bright,
    because of Acceptance on this RhymeZone site.

    The Rhyming Gramps Website:
    My Amazon Author Page:

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    Good for you, Bob! I already picked up the first two of your collections and I am having a good laugh with them. You should have a link to The Rhyming Gramps Website on your Rhymes By Bob site and vice versa.


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      Thank you very much!


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        This is so exciting! Another Rhymezone writer publishing wonderful work. I'm so happy to have "met" you all in this venue!

        Congratulations - Bob! We always knew your rhyming was fun.

        Whose next? Bobby delBoy?


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          Thank you - you have been especially supportive and kind. You have encouraged me to keep going on the site - thanks again!!!


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            How great to see,
            while trawling,
            this stratigraphy
            once buried
            nine days away
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              Thanks for finding it and your usual witty rhyme.