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Farinaceous (A Word of the Day Poem)

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  • Farinaceous (A Word of the Day Poem)



    Words, I’ve found (when new to me)

    spark my curiosity;

    draw me forth to sing and shout,

    weaving them with rhyming clout

    into conversations’ song.

    Gleefully they skip along,

    off my tongue to other ears,

    sympathetic to their tears,

    coaxing laughter or a smile

    longer than a country mile.

    Or, as titled word declares,

    gritty-ness has come to snare

    your attention, to recall

    mealiness affects us all.

    In our pots or pans (oh dear);

    worse on floors we’d swept to clear.

    Farinaceous takes four beats

    just to say (try not to cheat).

    Roll it out as slick as ice,

    Practice by repeating thrice.

    What? You’ve better things to do?

    (Very likely I do too.)

    Still, new words that come my way

    earn a chance to jump and play

    in RhymeLovingWriter space.

    Farinaceous? Grit with grace.

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    A new word most efficacious at stiffening the words that grace the page. Just don’t put too much in the collars. Enjoyably done, RLW! And look at you cross promoting!


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      . Now I just need to update my web site.