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  • Dylan

    I’m Dylan the Villain, well how do you do
    Of course you know me, I sure know you
    Remember the car keys you lost yesterday
    Guess who stole them and hid them away
    I hover above you just over your head
    I’m with you all day and beside you in bed
    Some call me a Gremlin, some call me a pest
    I’m here to annoy you, that’s what I do best
    That important letter you neglected to post
    Who burnt your cookies, cremated the roast
    That’s right you’ve guessed, it was me having fun
    and I’ve just stopped your watch at a quarter to one
    Who snipped the elastic that day on the beach
    The itch on your back that is just out of reach
    Your muse is confused, your poems won’t rhyme
    No fault of yours darling, it was me all the time
    No charms can protect you, no prayers can defend
    I’m fireproof and curse proof you see my old friend
    So together for ever through life’s weary way
    See you tomorrow, have a nice day

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    Well this explains a lot... Very clever!


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      And I was just putting it down to age. Very fun, Cari!