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There was a Time.

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  • There was a Time.

    When sandstone Oxford shone on summer days
    With birdsong breeze free from cell phone jingles
    Blessed with time to think and time to ponder
    Where Magdalen cloisters cooled the drift of passing hours.
    When carefree dresses swung on rhythm thighs
    Along the banks of the lazy Cherwell
    Raising eyes and hopes of pubside regulars
    Four pints wise in lascivious dreams.
    Where Pine box Emma hawked stolen poetry in St Giles
    Coining patronage from a wander of wide-eyed tourists
    Pawned her muse on spiced fried chicken
    Surrendered Keats to Colonel Sanders greasy promises.
    There was a time
    When we shopped around for friends and lovers
    When Lennon supplied the answers
    When love lay in Woodstock’s fields of barley
    When you and I were young.

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    There was a time
    when Rhymezone
    had an Aussie rhymer
    whose accolade was:-
    could be


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      Very beautiful. I think this one deserves accolades.


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          Sorry for the delay in answering, business. Thank you for all the kind comments I received for this poem. A little background to the poem if I may. I spent a summer with relations in Oxford when I was nineteen and met a girl from Somerfield College and we spent an idyllic summer together. We knew that both of us were never in for the long haul, we had different things to do with our young lives, I know this seems a little odd but with no talk of rings and things we could relax and enjoy our time together. Although she doesn’t appear in this poem she does in another which I’ll post if I get around to it.
          Thank you all so much and I’m delighted you all enjoyed this piece



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            Muttado1sb commented
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            Agree with the others above, this is a wonderful poem, Cari! The time and space are beautifully rendered in your words.