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O Captains, My Captains!

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  • O Captains, My Captains!

    A hand! A hand! I see a hand
    Clutching the air above the swell.
    Its strangled shriek I understand:
    'Please save me from this watery hell!'

    'Leave him!' they cry. 'To lend a hand
    Will only make their numbers swell.
    We have to make them understand
    This way, hope dies and sinks to hell.'

    My conscience causes my bound hand
    To pull counter to the groundswell.
    Although this way, I understand
    Lies a long spell in a barred hell.

    There, Conscience, with a steady hand,
    Guards me against the surge and swell
    Of guilt; She helps me understand
    That quiet peace can rule in hell.

    This poem (and picture) is a homage to 2 sea-watch captains, Carola Rakete and Pia Klemp, who are currently being detained by the Italian authorities for rescuing drowning migrants in the Mediterranean sea. Whatever the prevailing view about immigration, it's hard to argue about the justness of their actions from their perspectives which is what I've tried to highlight here. Happy reading (and viewing)! R.

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    I like poems that have something to say against those that you have to unravel then think I don’t know why I bothered. Well done.


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      Well crafted, as always Raoul D'Harmental .


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        Salvini's misstep
        leaves the bars


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          I love your poem very much.