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Rabbit’s Cookin’ Special Brew

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  • Rabbit’s Cookin’ Special Brew

    T’was a strange and spooky sight to see,
    All that smoke risin’ above the trees,
    And the tale some told made the heart jump,
    “Rabbit’s cookin’ cabbage in the swamp”.
    The smoke floatin’ o’er that muddy den,
    From a moonshiner well known as sin,
    His young’uns and kin stoked up the still,
    Sold it as sure fire cure for all ills.
    T’was a custom in that lowland swamp,
    Long time-honored circumstance and pomp,
    For a country hoe down in the barn,
    Where yelling’ could start a fire alarm.
    Gi’tar, Fiddle, Banjo, mandolin,
    Jammin’ and singin’ with big ole grins,
    Y’all come and eat some real redneck stew,
    Dance bare foot but skip that cabbage brew.
    Rabbit was cookin’ up his special brew,
    Cause steam was arisin’ to the blue,
    Git your madam and those dancin’ clogs,
    Go stompin’ at mudtail’s wetland ball.
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