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  • Remembrance

    Quiet now
    Night wind gentle on the killing grounds
    Silent now
    The guns have lost their appetite
    Leftover life lingers in the yellowed earth
    Pinned to a wire nest
    The half-faced man embraces death as a lover
    And the rats go about their business
    Old men refill their glasses
    Bend over their maps
    Push the little flags forward
    For tomorrow.
    The woman looks down at the child
    Places the unopened telegram
    Behind the mantle clock
    So Harry can live for one more day
    A general screams “Send me more men”
    And no one asked
    ‘What did you do with the last half million'?
    And so the cross carvers are on overtime.

    Authors Note.

    The Battle of the Somme and 20,000 deaths on the first day, the slaughter went on for weeks.
    .A poem I wrote which was recited at the end of the Rememberance Service in my home town.

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    Excellent tribute. Glad many got to hear it!


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      Very nice poem and a wonderful tribute, Cari! It's great that your town had you recite it at their Remembrance.