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Paso Doble

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  • Paso Doble

    Paso Doble

    Balancing a glass door's weight,

    Handle gripped, leaning out,

    calf length a swirl of skirt

    dresses up a foil for effort.


    The sway of movement, eye caught

    workaday in a Modern Ballet,

    might almost pass for Latin.

    Balenciaga covers Balanchine

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    I hadn’t heard of the paso doble dance style. (Nor of the German new wave band with that name.) When I looked it up I realized I knew what it was like from your poem. Very nice, Johntee!


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      Thanks Muttado, This came out out of a piece to camera by the Chairman of UBS from his headquarters in Switzerland in which a female employee crossed in the background and opened a glass door. I was left wondering if fashion has taken skirts back to mid-calf length. Skirt length was once regarded as a financial predictor, the lower the hem the lower the Market. I wonder what Trump can do about that.