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  • Without You

    I could live without you
    Probably easily
    Get up each day
    Go to work
    Go to play
    Go do the things
    I always do
    The things I do
    when I’m with you
    And I’m sure I could
    enjoy it
    Maybe not as much
    as I may have
    But maybe, just maybe
    a little bit

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    Great to see your name in the queue Muttado
    I hope all is well and this poem is not related
    to the loss of someone close to you.


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks, Bobby! Not about anything in particular, just something that came to me. I think I'm reading too much depressing poetry lately.
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    A lament?
    My hope is not,
    an echo Bobby's sentiment


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, Johntee! This was something made up out of whole cloth. Probably influenced by what I've been reading.

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    This is another good 'one-day-at-a-time' poem, though of different subject matter than Johntee's.

    On a different note, you should post something more from your Ha'Sonnet site again and include that URL - because the work you're posting there is great and more people could follow you there too!


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, RLW! I'm spreading my interests about a bit lately and don't get enough time for here. I'm trying to post two ha'sonnets a week at that site (muttado . com) without using too much of my portfolio, so the little time I write is mostly for there. (Thanks for the plug. )

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Anytime. You do great work!