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  • Socks Education

    As a young boy starting school
    Only worried by one rule
    Please don’t laugh or even mock
    I worried about the socks

    Would they all stop and then stare
    At a problem with my pair
    If one then began to sag
    And my correction did lag

    Was there socks education?
    To keep them in formation
    When would I have this lesson?
    Did I need do revision?

    With these worries on my mind
    How did they know. Could they find?
    In long trousers wouldn’t show.
    If half mast and fallen low

    Family had one other
    A boy, an older brother
    After every report
    My father had one retort

    Change your ways you must wake up
    And learn to pull your socks up
    Not good enough say to you
    Same advice was said anew