Of all the challenges ever penned,
First Corinthians Thirteen is supreme,
It confronts our deep motives within,
The first of many life disciplines.


If I spoke the tongues of angels above,
And could speak in every language known,
But do not have love,
I sound like a loud noisy gong.

If I could fathom all mysteries wove,
And could Prophesy true, foretelling,
But do not have love,
then my words were not worth saying.

If I gave all to the poor with a hug,
And my body to work, exhausting,
But do not have love,
I have not been true to my King.

Had I faith to move mountains in this world,
And went to a strange land, witnessing,
But do not have love,
I have only been pretending.

Three great gifts from above,
All from the hand of God,
Faith ,Hope, and Love,
But love is the greatest of them all.