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Niemansland (Dutch + translation)

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  • Niemansland (Dutch + translation)

    Er is nu niets meer van over
    Behalve die gezichten, die ons aanstaren
    Uit de verte horen we een zwak geroep
    Van onzichtbare barbaren

    We zouden willen dat we droomden
    Moeten we de nachtmerrie geloven?
    In godsnaam leven we, het is waar
    Ons geluk weggewoven

    Als er licht is aan het einde van de weg
    Zou het ons terug naar huis leiden?
    Zelfs zo, we nergens heen
    We zijn nu insecten van oertijden

    De dagen tellen, voordat we sterven
    Tegen onze wil, vergaan we
    We hebben onze goede tijden gehad
    En mijn laatste dagen, met je

    Vaarwel, maatschappij...


    There is nothing left of here now
    Except these faces that stare at us
    In the distance, we hear faint cries
    Of invisible barbarians

    We wish we were dreaming
    Do we have to believe the nightmare?
    Living in this hell, it's true
    Our happiness washed away

    If there is light at the end of the road
    Would it lead us back home?
    Even so, we're not going anywhere
    We're now insects of ancient times

    Counting the days before we die
    Against our will, we decay
    We have had all our good times
    And my last days, with you

    Goodbye, society...

    That's right folks... I've written a foreign-language entry (and with said language being Dutch). I will confess though... I don't actually speak Dutch (and had used Google Translate for each line shown, and also made use of a Dutch rhyming dictionary) but knowing that the language itself is very close to English by certain words and even word order, I figured why not. It's not perfect but it can be improved on, only if there's real Dutch speakers anywhere here.

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    Way, way braver than I am (at present anyway). This is something I dream of doing in rhyme. We spent four years in The Netherlands and I picked up a few phrases only. Dutch is one of the languages I'm currently trying to learn, but I still often put my words in the incorrect order.

    Bravo to you! Glad you included the translation because the forum rules stipulate English language posts (rule #8). I always wonder if folks know that since we've seen so many non-English posts in the last year. Makes me wonder if we're missing great poetry or if the site is being spammed (because there's an awful lot of that going on lately too).


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      About the second paragraph, yeah I've seen that way too often. Something needs to be done, and I even brought up a new discussion about it. Of the entry I posted, thanks for the feedback as always