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Pendle Hill.

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  • Pendle Hill.

    How cool the woodland carpet feels
    Under tender barefoot heels
    Days of laughter, childhood rambles
    Emerging from the leafy brambles
    Over the stile and down the dell
    Breathing the dark mushroomy smells
    Sandra, Davy, me and Jill
    Climb the slope to Pendle Hill
    Buttercup pollen on calf and shoe
    Whisper grass still wet with dew
    Up and down we ran and ran
    "Catch me; catch me, if you can
    Cross-legged in the Birch tree shade
    Stolen apples, lemonade
    The happy times I remember still
    Of summertime on Pendle Hill
    Tired from racing chasing games
    We gather round the campfire flames
    Tell the tales of pirates bold
    Of sailing ships and Spanish gold
    High above this fabled land
    You snuggle close and take my hand
    Safe and warm from twilights chill
    First love bloomed on Pendle Hill

    Note. A little Ah poem that trips off the tongue but every word has to earn its place.