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    It takes just a moment
    Such an admission; my faults
    An honest reflection, ain't it
    How it felt when You were in it

    Can I tell myself the truth
    All I am: a searching fool
    Such a vacant youth
    That heavy confidence Time won't divulge

    Help me reach the ocean
    All these thoughts are only boasting
    Cautious feeling; I am bestilled! But not Hopeless
    Clever heart, so set on closing

    Dread eyes of Your lion: nocent
    I'm taking my precious moment
    Are You the horizon or the silent

    Trade my life for Your ease,
    please, please

    You fell straight through
    I gazed up upon You
    A refraction so un-new
    Brought hope to it's knees, dreams like these

    Scared, unscattering, Your sacred
    Oh, honey, don't! Don't hate this
    If Time might not've saved it
    Was it really worth savin'?