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  • Paradoxical Intention

    Someone once said they were an " Idealist Historian " , I like that so I guess I'm one too . That last rhyme was tough for a second , then it came to me .Enjoy

    Paradoxical Intention ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    Like neighborhood salesmen who want to score
    They crack a smile as you crack open the door
    Jamming their foot in they have no shame
    Your only defense is a little brass chain
    The door is ajar that's all they need
    To wear down your intellect as they feed
    " Give us an inch and we'll take a mile "
    The evil doers say with an evil smile

    Leading us on by dangling a carrot
    They're nothing more than cunning ferrets
    I learned two new words I'd like to mention
    They are " Paradoxical Intention " *
    A method coined to overcome certain behavior
    It can also be used by unscrupulous traitors
    Paradoxical : an adjective a self construed contradiction
    Causing normal thought waves to cross in opposition

    Intention : a noun meaning an anticipated outcome
    A victory for those who succumb
    Their premise ? " to force feed and contrive "
    Hitting below the belt to keep the narrative alive
    Crawling up from their criminal gulch
    They spread their regurgitated mulch
    Hoping we become " Pavlov's Dog "
    Ring a bell and we come running like hogs

    Filling the trough with their slop to eat
    Bombard it with substitutes to make it sweet
    We have the ability to refrain from being used
    Corralled like sheep , sheered and abused
    History has shown they've tried this before
    Losers will do anything to one up the score
    They undermine underscore to get any result
    To all Americans everywhere this is an insult

    Imagine yourself in a house that's on fire
    Getting out safely is the only desire
    We're being told " trust us open the door " ,
    " Pay no attention the fire's roar "
    We were taught to put our hand on it first
    Check to see if it's hot or things might get worse
    That kind of logic goes against their grain
    It is not part of their dishonest campaign

    These people want you and I burned
    All rational thinking is quickly adjourned
    History tells us , " If you leave the door ajar "
    " It's easy access to someone with a crowbar " !
    These are lessons , they're not myths
    It's the fundamentals they like to mess with
    These tactics are deliberate aggression
    Aimed purposely with misdirection

    What happens when you take your eye off the ball ?
    Your sacrificed and sent down the hall
    Have we forgotten what history has taught us ?
    The one lesson that threw common sense under the bus
    " If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it ,
    People will eventually come to believe it "
    A quote from the F.O.A.P. **, Joseph Goebbels
    A guy who made more sparks fly than Chernobyl

    * The concept was termed by Dr. Viktor Frankl ( circa ?? )
    ** Father Of All Propagandist

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    Obfuscation is the name of the game these days...or at least the underlying intent. Lots of syllable in this one dear poet friend. Sometimes they tripped me up. With more readings I think they might become fluent.


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      Just a Baby Boomer who doesn't want things to go Boom ! . Thank you for the comment and the new word