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Conspiracy Theory

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  • Conspiracy Theory

    Conspiracy Theory

    Artificial intelligence learns

    What makes a man.

    Facial recognition.

    A dot against the sun,

    High-Fived, a hanging drone

    Talks to a slide-sided panel van,

    Piano black and glittering chrome,

    Sidling up, like a shark scenting blood, homes

    Crop-haired, sharp suited, mirror eyed Ray Bans.

    Distant server racks in 5G'ed communion

    Hum confirmation. "He's the last one.

    Right for a pick-up. Hustle him in!"

    Lines of code resolve the scrum.

    The many retreat back to one

    Plausible deniability. A.I. finds,

    Sets him up faceless as a bomb.

    Already encrypting deletion's begun.

    Overhead the drone stumbles, stunned,

    The last act unseen in it's last milliseconds

    Piano black and chrome erupt in orange flame.

    A chain once used, each forged link must be undone,

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    Ah yes a glimpse into the future. I’m reminded of the old joke ‘The factories in the future will be staffed by one man and a dog. The man there to feed the dog and the dog there to stop the man from touching anything’ You’re so right, the Genie’s out of the bottle and he ain’t going back.

    Good piece.


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      found this light-humored, at the end. cool references and that all-too familiar feeling, paranoia, from inside culture!

      thanks for sharing.


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        Creative - and a bit scary when implications fully considered!