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Creation Begun and Beyond

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  • Creation Begun and Beyond

    God created, out of emptiness, the firmaments and the earth,
    Matter strewn into cosmic void; galaxies of glorious yield,
    Heaven’s Architect and Builder; Designer with purpose and worth,
    By master plan hurled the world; site His love to be revealed.

    Disorder reigned by order; organization thus in force,
    Supreme maestro with peerless grace; directing with expressive hands,
    Leads heaven’s angelic choir’s Hallelujah Chorus,
    Moving toward crescendo, swelling as the universe expands.

    Creative drama played out on void and empty cosmic stage,
    Celestial bodies: Black Hole, White Dwarf, Great Red Spot, Asteroid,
    Moons, circling in ballet pirouettes; vast worlds, performers engaged,
    Under direction, creation’s playwright, The One Eternal God.

    Creator’s masterpiece, amongst the collections of art superb,
    Brilliant strokes beyond compare; array of hue from artist’s hand,
    Surrounded by His countless loves, He flung and spun a special orb,
    Earth for mankind, both deemed good; The Master’s comprehensive plan.

    Male and female, created in God’s image, share His planet earth,
    Mankind stands on terra firma; thankful for terrestrial home,
    Gazing up in wonder and awe; by grace given eternal worth,
    Earth, small cosmic space-size acre; no inkling the millions beyond!

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    Beautiful interpretation. Thanks for including the link to the photo!