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Gathering Daisies.

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  • Gathering Daisies.

    October skies over Hillcrest Rise
    Where hopes subside to compromise
    Complete surrender without protest
    They settle for the second best
    Designer phones play tinkle tones
    Downloaded from the Rolling Bones
    Oh, once again its Tracy here
    Gabbling garbage in my ear
    Hypnotised, mesmerised
    Stupor reigns in vacant eyes
    Dazzled floss on flat bed screens
    Gateway to your plastic dreams
    Prisoners in their concrete towers
    Where nothing grows and nothing flowers
    She pours the tea and ponders when
    They promised a New Jerusalem
    Measured time through trickledown years
    Strengthens despair, confirms our fears
    English fields have no part in the plan
    So gather the Daisies while you can.

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    A refreshing new poet/ addition to the zone has arrived like spring flowers. I love your poetry Cari. Gentle rhymes and reflecting tone make us all feel right at home. 🌼❤️


    • Cari
      Cari commented
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      Many thanks; I think that rhythm and rhyme go together. Easy to read but more difficult to write.

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    Welcome to the zone Cari . I agree with Bobby...gentle rhymes...