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  • The Lady's Torch

    The Lady’s torch held high, strong message at her feet,
    Firm declaration of tyranny’s ultimate defeat,
    That people in America can breathe liberty’s pure air,
    And freely go anywhere.

    Those of all lands o’er the world under evil’s pall,
    People near and far are eager to answer freedom’s call,
    Tyranny cannot stop the masses who are yearning to come,
    Where no one should be spurned.

    Let those who come respect and follow rules of law,
    That seek to eliminate the wrongs of tyranny’s flaws,
    That do not eradicate human spirit and dignity,
    But fulfills freedom’s duty.

    The Lady’s lamp is freedom’s beam to all the world,
    A unique message that offers hope and home seldom heard,
    But if the poor, wretched and oppressed are treated as blight,
    Dimly quivers freedom’s light.

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    I am not as used to this formatting tigerman and am curious as to why you chose it? I've never seen the Lady close up, but is it reminiscent of the decree she carries in stone?


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      Don't know what happened to "The Lady's Torch". Tired to edit but would not let me. Think I must delete and re-post.


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        Oops! Up it came in the right format. Go figure!