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  • Cat & Mouse

    A game of cat & mouse is really no game at all
    Some hearts are thin,
    Some BIG and some tall
    Is the one you seek
    Nefarious or sleek
    With the wind it blows in an hour or a week
    Or do you really know
    Who's the one that you seek
    Through the rake it goes
    Waves which bring the swap to the meet
    All you really know
    It takes two to make a leap
    Of faith into the pool
    A vortex where performance takes the lead
    Can't determine silt
    Unless sand or clay wade and lie beneath
    So with a splash you leap
    Making sacrifice each and every week,
    A game of cat & mouse
    However imprecise

    But remember
    At the bottom of the rim,
    It is your eye
    That must look before you

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    A metaphorical potpourri for love seeking souls. Take the leap into the Vortex and get swallowed up in love. 10,000 likes