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  • Fallen Angel

    You have risen
    Above all else
    Now you're down
    To a new hell

    Cry silver tears
    To express this pain
    In the mirror
    A look of disdain

    A blackened mind
    A heart of thorns
    Find yourself
    In a world of scorn

    Former glory
    Former pride
    A withered grace
    Every part of you has died

    You had these wings
    To caress the hurt
    Now you're a ghost
    A face of dirt

    On both your knees
    Bloodied and bruised
    Fallen from grace
    Self-inflicted abuse

    You defined beauty
    You were our blessing
    A story behind this
    So depressing

    Loss of power
    Stricken by disease
    Destroyed existence
    Now, a soul of no means

    Oh, fallen one
    I feel for you
    But those scars tell me
    Another kind of truth

    Oh, fallen angel
    You had it all
    Until this collapse
    In truth, your own sorrow
    Your own fault