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  • Corn on the Cob

    Decisions, Decisions – What will you Do,
    if Corn on the Cob is Handed to You?
    Point to the Left – Point to the Right,
    leave it the Same or Switch it in Flight?

    Eat it in Rows – Go back and Forth,
    or Straight around – South to the North?
    Wipe Off your Face or Just let it Go,
    what Are the Answers I’d like to Know!

    Dunk it in Butter, Salt, or Whatever,
    just Leave it Plain – Does it taste Better?
    Grip it Bare Hand or Handles that Bend,
    decisions to Make – They just never End.

    Determine each Path then Have it your Way,
    crisis Like CORN Fill up Every Day.
    Pressures like this don’t Seem to Decrease,
    no Wonder there Ain’t time To broker World Peace.

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    Corn can give me some difficulties so I appreciate this and also great ending


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      I did not even think of it that way - just my lame attempt at making a point. Thank you for all of your advice and assistance - wanted to post that here as well.


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        Find pattern
        in typewriter's platen
        left to right
        it's underwritten
        the key is
        not to let it fatten


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          Nice to have your patented comments again - looks like you have been keeping busy here. Thank you!!!!