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  • Chalice

    Chalice of gold holding holy blood
    You have made it a quest
    Until your crusades kill all you cannot rest
    Chalices and cups of copper hold the dregs
    From down town bars and alcoholic legs
    But the chalices of silver hold the blood of the martyrs
    Sacrifices poured into tarnished bronze cups
    But in heaven searing white beings
    So far above what you made the cup
    From Jesus to gem encrusted crud
    Royal genetic strands foretell a new kingdom
    But in this one, the chalice is raised
    By the daughter of Babylon the whore
    With all the innocents deaths at the door
    This queen is drunk and aren’t they all
    When their chalice is filled with the power of men
    Powerful drug of gold and lead
    They put the bullet through your head

    The worst Chalice to ever be
    Was the one of the world problems
    And Jesus drank it until the cup was empty
    Save you and saving me.
    The blood flowing down that rugged tree.

    Then you want to make another cup
    And fill it with young soldiers blood
    You build this idol and you need a counterfeit cup
    With rubies and emeralds
    Amazonstone, gold and lapis
    Worthy not for a king but a queen
    The queen of heaven but really from hell
    Conquistadors, Crusaders looking for her cup
    When they get it they drink it up.