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  • Oh Rosie

    Rosie growing after the rain

    Oh oh oooh

    Oh Rosie bright red beauty

    Oh oh oh oooh

    Feeling of being alone

    Trying to find where you are

    Rosie take me away

    Oh Rosie you are here to stay....

    Rosie I picked you from my heart

    Oh oh oooh

    Oh Rosie you know love is how it starts

    Oh oh oh oooh..

    Spending the evening together

    Wishing the night would never end

    Rosie there’s a place for us

    Oh Rosie love is only one......

    Rosie you left me too soon

    Oh oh oooh

    Oh Rosie I sit under wishing for you

    Oh oh oh oooh

    Isolation creeps in

    Depression stares back at me

    Rosie no one comes close

    Oh Rosie my world crumbles down......