Can we all NOT just fall into the evil doers hands?

Our Bearing Wall ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

Manifesto ? I better stop and listen
Watch as the newscaster's lips glisten
He or she can hardly keep in it their seat
As THEY are the voice of those who cheat

What shame , to fall for this manifesto
The evil doers guzzle and spill it with gusto
It's imperative they keep the word alive
Fan the flames in the evil doers tribe

This creep's credibility went out the window !
When he killed those innocent people
Now we're suppose to read more about him ?
I've got a nice word for his synonym

Manifesto ? give me a break !
What does a 21 yr. old have to belly ache
" my phone battery doesn't last long enough "
What could possibly make this guy's life so tough ?

He didn't write or type that piece of slander
Who cares ? except maybe , Ann Landers
He was given this ........" I keep even say it "
It rhymes with the last word in the last sentence !

It's clear someone got inside his head
THOSE are the ones that caused the dead
Of course they wont be held responsible
They of course are the REAL " deplorables "

His young mind was easily thrilled
That's the nasty evil doers drill
Quick to feast on his fantasies
They exploit his vulnerability

When HE realizes he's been compromised
It's to late he's harshly chastised
Now his ripe melon head is a candidate
Ready to poison and to activate

Divide and conquer is the evil doers trait
Use their powers to manipulate with hate
They want to see us battle each other
Go head to head , suffer and smother

Become a snitch , judge quickly , be paranoid
Unable to function never ever again to enjoy
Watch as we subconsciously do their bidding
As they spew their untruths like a cobra spitting

This is right out of the evil doers bag of ticks
They throw these guys into the mix
Watch as we turn into a pack of sharks
Caught up in a tragic senseless spark

Methodically shorting out the circuit board
They stir the pot of the brain washed horde
The evil doers are criminal scum
They turn their nose to " the Judgement to come "

Those who blame the President are completely insane
They are minions wielded by the evil doers reins
What lousy hypocrites the lot of them are
Rubbing salt in the wound of the pending scar

Stay strong , don't give in MR. PRESIDENT !
Our CONSTITUTION still reigns Precedence !
We ARE a Nation of Laws after all
That is forever " Our Bearing Wall "