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Ballet of Love

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  • Ballet of Love

    Ballet of love

    Wishing you’d wait ‘til I fell out of love

    I prayed you’d create a cold heart in me

    All those years were easy to dispose of

    Living without you was my destiny

    Numb from dancing this painful love ballet

    My stranded heart withdrew from living life

    The day had come when you would go away

    Mourning the day you had made me your wife

    But I still missed dreaming my dreams with you

    Not knowing how to live without you here

    Deep down inside I knew that was untrue

    For I had lived without you many years (R)

    By AlexandratheLate (R)

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    another interesting ballet set in quatrains. Seems so sad when relations go sour. So sad to have to say "mourning the day you made me your wife" ouch. Hope there was som new sunshine to write about. very deiscirptive pictures like "numb form dancing this painful love ballet"


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      Thank you Fasteel. I write about the many facets of love.


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        Another beautiful piece AtL! The emotion is palpable.


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          Thank you very much Paula. I appreciate it.