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Sitting on the beach

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  • Sitting on the beach

    Sitting on a beach again
    In the sun
    On the Jersey shore
    Who could ask for more
    Work and play
    Play to work and work to play
    Thought I had more to SAY
    New life as a turn another corner
    New life and I enter it every day
    Surfing and riding each wave
    The song of surf along the beach
    So far from schooner or sailors reach
    We visit the sand now and then
    But I hear it sing on and on
    Since the day the first seas kissed the land
    Eternal almost from the Creators hand
    Boundaries set like a violin string

    A millennium of strings sings a roar
    As the wave curls to meet the shore
    I sit back one day one moment to relax
    I sink my feet in sweet pink sand at last
    I sleep a dream of a baby in Moms arms
    Or of a man mature, older then an old man
    I still here this eternal music
    Percussions of stones, choruses of sand
    Under tons of water
    Falling water
    The same voice is the same meditation
    A voice that tells stories of centuries, millennia and before
    In a language of salt water, peace and blessings of the sea

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    Catch a wave and you’re sittin on top of the world. fasteels world. Swimmingly awesome write fasteel.


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      Thank very much for sharing this beautiful poem with us.
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