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  • Heroes

    One does not have to die to be a hero,
    Though many heroes paid the ultimate price,
    That is but one among many scenarios,
    Of steel, faith, valor and noble sacrifice.

    Heroes dwell in neighborhoods across the land,
    Who work on weekdays in many vocations,
    And joyfully anticipate weekend plans,
    For worship, rest, travel and recreation.

    Heroes show great courage in the face of wrong,
    Run-of-the-mill actors in life’s performance,
    They stand brave, noble, and are morally strong,
    Admired for their ideals and endurance.

    They labor to provide for their families,
    Thousands conquer through faith and inspiration,
    Most shrink from being a liability,
    Countless folk persevere by strong volition.

    Gallant heroes are born each eventful day,
    Standing up against all wrong and injustice,
    Doing justice with lawful and upright ways,
    Fighting against bigotry and prejudice.

    They are the paladins of humanity,
    Defending the weak; practicing charity,
    They are champions and shields of liberty,
    The daring offspring of justice and mercy.

    Heroes seek out and expose vile behaviors,
    Fend off the fiery darts of iniquity,
    Legends to the broken and disfavored,
    Icons among those living in poverty.

    Heroes shun all forms of discrimination,
    Have empathy for those under oppression,
    Accept their divine call of obligation,
    Stating war against tyranny’s repression.

    Who is the brave and distinctive hero?
    Everyday folk who value what is holy,
    Who chose to live and standup against the foe,
    And all that devalues personality.

    One does not have to die to be a hero,
    Although it may require that ultimate price.
    People in midst of victories or sorrows,
    Are heroes by living true and honest lives.