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Eat your Way to Younger Years

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  • Eat your Way to Younger Years

    Barnum's Animal Crackers.jpg
    Walking down the Cookie Aisle,
    saw Something that Made me Smile.
    Took me Back when Was a Kid,
    bought some Boxes what I Did.

    My mistake Don’t get me Wrong,
    probably Been there all Along.
    Things have Changed since They were Viewed,
    now I’ve switched my Attitude.

    Been around for Hundred Plus,
    new Idea and I’ll Discuss.
    As I ate a Box or Two,
    Youthful Past they Did Renew.

    Memories they Taste so Good,
    exactly as I Hoped they Would.
    Don’t get Old – Erase your Fears,
    Eat your Way to Younger Years.

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    interesting though in the poem Bob. I know that it is good to eat healthy but it tis also good to enjoy life. there is a balance. The poem was a cute way of expressing that.


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      Thank you.


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        Well now I want to go on a hunt to see what old favorites I can find in the grocery aisles. Could get interesting!


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          Thank you. The store where I purchased them no longer offer them. Probably a good thing - I was indulging in a bit too many Memories.