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One tear at a time

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  • One tear at a time

    One Tear At A Time
    Today, 08:38 AM
    I didn't see it as that back then, --
    But a few years ago visiting the place where
    My old house used to be, I was asked
    What I was doing there by someone
    Who had lived there when I was there, He
    Said he remembered me, and some else.
    I walked off back into the creek,
    At the edge of the end of the street
    Where the brick red signs were shot
    With bbs from long ago and just left standing.
    And I fell back there in the woods
    Hard on my knees and the birds sang,
    And I don't know why there's such pain.
    Each bridge in life we get a touch
    From side to side there's shores, water.
    And I just know the truth itself explains
    How I lose each little loss one tear at a time.

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    Felt this...through and through.


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      You left me wanting more amenOra. However, I am also feeling satisfied. I hope you are too


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        Sometimes looking back is as painful as looking forward, keep your head up amenOra


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          Tears are precious and youve expressed this with clarity. If we would treasure sad moments as much as joyous ones or take care of our tears like we do other finite possesions...
          beautiful poem