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A Challenge to RhymeZone Forum Spammers

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  • A Challenge to RhymeZone Forum Spammers

    Just past Three Years I’ve been Here,
    on this Site that I hold Dear.
    Out of Place when I first Started,
    classy Group and I just Farted.

    Simple Rhyme is What I Write,
    Poetry I never Cite.
    Over time and To my Glee,
    members have Put up with Me.

    Took a Break A while Ago,
    Spammers started Up to Show,
    links to This that Point to That,
    Towing Trucks to Shower Mat.

    Looking now They’re still Around,
    Spammers post Their wares Expound.
    Guess they Will – Challenge when Do,
    try to Rhyme a Word or Two.

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    I am from the UK Bob and with comedy such as Benny Hill and the Carry on team I am used to farts in comedy..I think the simplicity in the rhyme was a good format for the slightly quirky humourous way you describe situations. So keep rhyming you bring a colour here nobody else could.


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      If I only had the "powers" to block those wascally wabbits - it would be done. Alas, all a moderator can do is delete posts as they arrive. So we will keep on with that as well as able.


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        Thank you - both - again. Also, thank you for cleaning of the SPAM as you are notified.