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  • A Bug Abode

    She Shack, Man Cave, or Whatever,
    I’ve got Something even Better.
    My idea in Overload,
    Why not Build a Bug Abode?

    In your Home or Office Space,
    Bugs can Get in Any Place.
    Peace not War might Be the Trick,
    Up to You which One you Pick.

    Bug Abode’s won’t Take much Room,
    Maybe Where you Store your Broom?
    Make it Cozy – Stock with Things,
    See the Friendship that it Brings.

    Picnic Blanket piled with Food,
    Party Favors – don’t be Rude.
    Set out Many games to Play,
    Let Love flow upon the Day.

    Treat the Bugs as would Yourself,
    Put your Worries on the Shelf.
    Extend the Kindness up to Hardy,
    Organize a Bug Block Party.
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    Love it, I'm still piecing it together for myself. We SHOULD care more about them ... every day Clever and brought me to nice places. I wonder whether you meant "Boom" or "Broom". Would that be like storing thunder? lol A bug abode, nice.
    And I was thinking how appreciative I am of your poetry, skill, technique. I'd buy your book of poetry if you put one together, BobGrant!
    Take care and be well, friend~! Peace


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      One little "r" makes a difference - thank you for catching my error. Also, thank you for your kind words. I have no idea where to go to publish a book for my Rhymes - not sure anyone would buy them as they can read them for free here.


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        Bob I am a serial self publisher and if you did publish you would at least reach a double figure. Yes I would make sure your purchase by amenOra is doubled to 2


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          Great to see you posting more again Bob! I'll admit to only a toleration for bugs (much as I imagine they tolerate us) since finally moving to the farm. I'm learning all the good they can do (as well as damage) - only wish it would be somewhere farther away from my personal space!


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            Thank you both. Would you have any idea where I might go to learn about and/or a site to self publish?


            • RhymeLovingWriter
              RhymeLovingWriter commented
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              I'm not yet at that point Bob, but Parkinsonspoet, Tanner, and MHenry (maybe others) have gone the self publishing route. There are writer's conferences in your area - that might be a place to start to look for reliable resources and network in person with folks who've already done it too. If I come upon anything that works, I'll send it your way.

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            Thank you!!


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              Beautiful read guys, I just love it.


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                NIce read.Natural and simple rhyming. Carries a nice thought. It seems your are writing to innocent audience, perhaps like to children? It touches the child in me.


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                  Thank you.