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  • Slow and Steady

    Photography and Poetry Collaborations

    Slow and Steady wins the Race

    Take your time at every turn
    There is no rush- live and learn

    When your time is drawing near
    Take deep breath no future fears

    Climb the mountain sail the seas
    Take small steps proceed with ease

    Forward with caution you're better served
    Adversity at every curve

    Life is precious
    and haste makes waste
    Slow and steady will win the race

    (C) Photo and Poem Boe Burke July 28 2019

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    Just to make sure no one misses it. It's a great message!


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      RhymeLovingWriter Paula, thanks for the lift and save. 👍🙏🌷


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      Really enjoyed this Bobby.


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        Bobby Del Boy - Okay already! I believe you! Stop shouting.......I'm definitely gonna follow your poetic advice and take it slow and steady, after having been in the race a long time. Most enjoyed the uplifting insight BDB and the picture. Namyh
        P.S. - Now where did I put that 5-hour energy is exhausting!! LOL
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          Downhill takes the inner curve
          Uphill rides the longer drive
          Double Yellow Warns Overtaker
          rushing out to meet his Maker


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            When your time is drawing near
            Take deep breath no future fears

            I am assuming you meant the end of the road? draing near? But with that why loose time any time fretting about the future we know not when the end will come, but it is drawing near. |No need for future fear, good point becasue it is a waste. Liked your natural rhyming and photo co'dmbination. This is a great way of getting a message across. It also make me think of hte srory of AEsop's hare and tortoise.


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              Great message, great write Bobby Del Boy.


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                Namyh ​​AlexandratheLate Jazzy G fasteel incredibly awesome analysis and comments from a highly esteemed group of poets. Thanks you all rock!