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Death’s Assault on the Heart

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  • Death’s Assault on the Heart

    There was a fellow down home,

    Well-liked by folks all around,

    Faulted by no one he knew,

    Loved by more than just a few.

    Always there for countless friends,

    Trust he had truly attained,

    Force in the community,

    A man of sincere loyalty.

    One day tragedy beset,

    His wife was killed in a wreck,

    It was a heartbreaking scene,

    At the graveside in Winter’s rain.

    He withdrew in his deep pain,

    At no time was the same again,

    Became a hermit in stealth,

    His soul very pregnant with death.

    Morbid grief took its grim toll,

    Over his life came a dark pall,

    Retreated from all he knew,

    Heavy with death his time was due.

    Laid to rest on Spring’s bright day,

    Free and at peace from the harsh fray,

    Beside his bride and lover,

    Under a blanket of clover.