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Pity Her Pride

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  • Pity Her Pride

    Take a moment and breath in the air
    No fog there, but gelatinous..viscous you can feel it in your hair
    Stemmed from tension comprised from harsh and rather naive mentions
    Condemned thy are so why so hostile, guerilla tactics, deflection
    Shrapnel scattered now trees hang in gloom
    Committing treason, but whats the reason?

    Unjustifiable action
    Where is the counteraction?
    Creating camps
    I can't fathom this ignorant faction
    In my reaction and dissatisfaction
    I shall not bend or show signs of fraction
    Retribution not my intention, just deference and humble admission

    But I may not obtain such petitions
    But that's alright, ill hold my position
    For I stand tall
    A righteous young knight
    If you try, you'll only meet rejection
    Muhammad Ali I sting like a bee
    Royce Gracie thought out is my fight
    Hand extended I invite you into this ring
    For who is just the honor will bring