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  • Fate Unraveled

    It was late when the fate
    Of the world came unraveled
    Spirits weep and prophets sleep
    Under bridges, roads less traveled
    Where the horns and the beasts
    Rise above sullen seas, unsaddled
    Spewing flames and then some names
    are found in the books of life
    written on stone, white stones in the after life
    The apocalypse was soon over
    The war that ended all wars
    Blood rivers run and uranium spillover
    The moon turns dead with no stars behind
    A black sun with no more axes to grind
    The dark vacuum of space so empty and blind
    Like the revelation of John, the wiseman
    Who was awake dreaming the change of climate?
    All the bullets and swords broken to pieces
    Dragons and gold crowns in castles surround
    Armies of cockroaches’ march to the sound
    Of trumpets in the rain playing again and again
    The victory song when all souls- day came
    No more kings and no more fame
    Just glass seas of nations never ending
    Skies above creaking and bending
    To tired to support the planet globe
    The emperor has put on a brand-new robe
    So, when the end came where was your faith
    Two ways to go but no where to wait
    Passing the seventh heaven and now to the eighth
    Degree of tired and ready to give up the ghost
    Ready to sigh Victory for the ones with the most.
    Those whose fate was to go home at last
    Reliving all the movies of the past
    Home at last in the many roomed mansion
    Home with the one who had the most passion

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    I like the Biblical references and the piece is very nicely rhymed.. It paints a very vivid picture in one's mind! Very well done fasteel !


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      Thanks Rhymeboy