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    Innocence in danger
    Innocence destroyed
    Grace and hope tortured
    All beauty destroyed

    It pains me
    For their loss
    It hurts me
    To know the truth
    Of their loss

    Beaten and strangled
    God knows why
    Maimed and tortured
    God tell me why

    It pains me
    Of their loss
    And it disturbs me
    To know the truth
    About such a tragic loss

    Lifeless bodies lay in the woods
    No soul deserved this way to die
    White ribbons to decorate, commiserate
    The ones that lost the fight


    Mindless murders of women, is basically violence against women.

    Let's stand against it.

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    The white ribbon has a different meaning. It is an awareness ribbon and it is commonly used by political movements to signify or spread their beliefs. From this article, you can understand more about white ribbons.
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      Well, the white ribbon is mostly a symbol campaigning against violence to women. I do know that awareness ribbons in general also promote other causes or concerns.