In the dark
Under the moonlight
We get together
Eye to eye
There are things
To say to you
Amidst the fireflies
There lies the hurting truth

If I say how I feel
How would you take it?
Perhaps not worth the risk
Best to just forget it

If you want me to
Say what I've got to say
A hopeless intention
That would not happen anyway

With you
There was something
In your eye
In your heart
But with me
There lies a certain doubt
Walk away, if you must
Tear me apart

Just keep it simple
What can go wrong?
Get it off my chest, for once
Grow a spine, stay strong

If I say how I feel, about you
Where could this take us to?
Beneath every watching star
I'll shout out the truth, to you
Only you

Three words is all it takes
For everything to change
But I let anxiety talk
Can't help feeling this way

And then I figured, "what's the point?"
This won't lead to anything
Bloodied hearts, scarred minds
Life in eternal darkness
These three words would just mean nothing