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    A mosaic is the human mind...
    Indecipherable from every angle...
    Intriguing are the various enigmas we come across..
    But that's okay..because it fits into the frame of my window pane..

    An annotation of a really simple thing but..,
    In the grand scheme of things in the garden lies myself....
    A rather un-explainable notion....
    Well really...maybe it isn't..

    You could really look at me and break down all of the pieces of my figurative enigma, my imagination....,
    or could you?
    Would you even understand the shadow of the rain on my window pain?..
    Its just another drop of poison...
    Burning through another page of my life..maybe even a chapter...
    Its becoming a factor no actor I swear...

    But the poison is fuel for my fire, energy..sticking to you until it hardens like plaster

    This mural left behind by the hourglass of time bewildering...
    Amazing is the shock and awe smacked upon the faces of he who dare stare and speculate a reason for its puzzling nature,
    failing to realize the inner workings of these mechanisms are not available for inspection
    Pieces of these puzzles never match up

    A mystery charismatic...
    Just admire its fascination and enchantment...

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    You write with wonderment, sometimes puzzling, born of observation. I love the "Pieces of ...puzzles never match up." Such phrase resonates.