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  • Euphoria

    I get a rush lyrics feelin like the great ali in his prime/ flowing through my spirit/ i feel it/so i got spill it /r kelly got popped again/ damn are you kiddin/ stay cool stay out the news/ too hard to listen/ potentionally the system/prison the visits / and definitely no contact with no chilren/ he can shower but not wit no god damn women/ this that bullshit that comes with the system im off that im shiftin/ laughing im gifted wit some honies im duan pimp c playboy bunny/ i rip shows get paid get that Money life funny a smart man far from a dummy man /my tummy is growling man/ no more seeing me smilin im wildin man....chorus..(im wilidin man but u dont understand that i was told be a man first hold this torch in my hand) chorus but u dont... Cause the streets will make a sane man mentally ill green white blue red green yellowpills. Goosebumps yeah i got the chills i gotta chill for i end up dead better prep my will. IlL im nice witmy lines was wild in my time i made up my mind one day i will shine. Are you questioning god like he aint turn that water to wine seems like we all criminals trapped in my mind im in my tupac bag homie gotta get mines just get your mind right clock watch run outta time just sgaring some thoughts i got on my mind. Ya feel me!!!!

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    this was cool and sorta reminded me of stream of consciousness writing... that flow to it, association links in thought, and rhythm -- nice! I enjoyed the musical part of it, the chorus, could feel it/hear it inside. thanks for sharing your verse... I also know that euphoric feeling, I get it sometimes as inspiration to write; that's what this reminds me of at first.
    You shine! Thanks again