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    Speaking of existential things, that do not mean anything
    You tire me, not inspire me, with the words you bring
    A slumber comes across my eyes.
    I Awake with a jolt and realize
    That I need to take your ideas out of my mind and cauterize
    So, speak some more lies! go ahead, sh^t is the new king
    Sparrows can talk and song birds do sing
    The summer days bring more cannabis fog
    Some more jet trails, aluminum smog
    No where you can run to hide
    Even when it is so black inside
    You threw truth into a filing cabinet,
    Wrapped it in a bloody sacrament
    You can run but it will find you
    Vacation in Cuba? What will you do?
    Leaving on a train,
    Flying away to Spain
    cast a net into the sea.
    You are a fish in a dragnet
    What else could you be?

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    Wonderful piece! It is funny with a hint of constant anger! Bravo! Well Done fasteel !


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      This had a very nice flow to it fasteel, posing one question after another.


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        Well you certainly set the record straight. Nicely done fasteel!