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New Advenures in Sleeptime

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  • New Advenures in Sleeptime

    New Adventures in Sleeptime


    Am I pushing an elephant up the stairs

    Punching shadows but no-one there

    Life’s rich dreamtime. What do I dare?

    Am I the man who went to the moon?


    Am I breaking through, bending spoons

    Keeping flowers frozen full bloom

    I document my brash cartoons

    As a piano crashes to the ground


    Night swimming as monsters murmur

    Is the frequency a rumour?

    New planet maybe a tumour

    Or is it the end of the world


    Follow me no don’t follow me?

    Not an agent for all the free

    In the morning, wake up can see

    No resource, nothing up my sleeve

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    This is a wild ride, Jon. Written from personal experience or just your wonderful imagination?


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
      Editing a comment
      Apologies I thought I had already replied. I have had REM sleep issues in the past but remember little of my dreams so it seemed a good idea to use REM to illustrate them