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An Old Cowboy

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  • Parkinsonspoet
    Well written. Is it a tribute to a particular person

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  • Bobby Del Boy
    Nice write. I’m hearing James Taylor on vocals

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  • JCrawf
    Well done, Tigerman.You hit all the right notes.

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    This reads like an elegy tigerman . My condolences if it was someone dear to you.

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  • tigerman
    started a topic An Old Cowboy

    An Old Cowboy

    An old cowboy left yesterday.
    Once drove herds over open range.
    Many hardships along the way,
    But a life he would never change.

    Heard sound of cattle full stampede.
    Rode days in slush up to his knees.
    Tall in the saddle on his steed.
    Broke, but had all a cowboy needs.

    Up before dawn most of his days.
    Often playing an old guitar,
    Singing tunes 'bout dusty trails,
    And lost loves that were torn apart.

    Old age and time at long last struck.
    Glory gone like western ghost town.
    Life’s work over and spent last buck,
    A cowboy king without a crown.

    He withdrew in deep grief and doubt,
    His way of life had gone away.
    Last words, “head ‘em up; move ‘em out”,
    An old cowboy died yesterday.