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  • Tip of the Iceberg

    It’s seems to me we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg
    The world is like the Titanic full speed ahead
    And ninety percent of the iceberg is waiting underwater.
    Today we are all oblivious
    To the coming terror and slaughter
    What were they doing in that crow’s nest?
    At that final decisive hour
    Asleep in peace at the watchtower?.

    CFR, Trilatel, Bilderberger commissions
    Guilty as charged by their own admissions
    Yet the wing batshit tinfoiled hats
    See underwater but never come back
    To tell the whole story because it bores me
    CIA , FBI, ICE and friendly fire, NSA collateral damage
    Whispers from the crew in the corridors
    But the passengers dream on in luxury
    And SO it goes today, with you and me
    Crossed the ocean we have come a long way.
    No need for so many life boats for hire
    Cut the ropes of the doomsayers and let them drop
    Into the colder than ice boiling seas
    Now it is time, at the first thud and screech
    To fall on your knees and start to preach
    But the gospel came a little to late
    As the water pours in to seal your fate
    And so goes the world today
    Sailing full speed into the night
    sweet dreams to you and don't let the bed bugs bight!

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    Well, fasteel , you certainly don't sound like a person oblivious.

    Love that line "Into the colder than ice boiling seas"! The juxtaposition of ice and boiling grabbed my attention in a wonderful way!