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  • Bison
    commented on 's reply
    You flatter me, RLW. Surely, the work of one as talented as yourself outshines even my best. Thank you.

  • RhymeLovingWriter
    This makes me feel a neophyte once again, Bison , in a curious, wondering, way. I'll be back to have another look and would love to hear the commentary of other poets in the zone - those who keep me thinking and learning every time I log on.

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  • Bison
    started a topic

    Wait for morning eyes, caught up stars, aligned
    I'm not walking up the stairs until your light's ablind
    Winter's high, holding onto all my blues

    Short cut hair, sublime, all my prickling cares
    All your love, was it wasted there?
    Heavy faith, what you holding through?

    Shaking out the Syme, misplaced, out of time
    May King, out my frame of mind
    All those stories claiming mine, ain't it true?

    What's it calling you?
    All my failures, new
    Winter's hold, lips all blue
    I'll keep waiting too

    Welter on my nears and a belter for my fears
    I walked a line for no youth, now you veer
    Glancing back, black eyes wide in the noon

    Sevens on my triplet, I could only miss it
    Once or twice, I've been twisted
    'round and blisted by your lune

    Still I'd pass on through
    All my failings, so soon
    Come the evening news
    Always waiting, living proof