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Sentiment of his Enigma

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  • Sentiment of his Enigma

    The enigma of an intricate mind submerged in solitude
    has come forth in the most odd of ways
    The resonance of the past instilled inside me
    has been seemingly recreated in the image of one another
    This room of mirrors...
    dramatically reflects not only my image,
    but each image of my past onto the glass figure
    so delicate, but well constructed
    so it may withstand ANY vandal
    intended to deface or mutilate
    such a precious
    As you set your eye into the looking glass
    and the prism of light enters the eye
    it begins to release a well,
    A waterfall of conceptual feelings
    which consume my mind....
    The filter inconspicuously catches bits of these nefarious inconsistencies
    in which you have bestowed upon thee...
    I can feel my own familiarity coursing through the veins of this spellbinding subject..
    Confiscated by the human feeble mind seem to be
    my own indigenous remnants...
    Those feelings left behind,
    but not to be forgotten...
    These perplexing mannerisms
    of his
    insightful conscious
    not intended to be collided with
    have inevitably fallen into my rather grim, but brilliant path.
    Reminding me of the inane, but transient happenings I have encountered
    as a direct result
    of my own ludicrous phenomenon
    my ridicule leads me to wonder,
    if my guidance has some microcosm of worth...
    or is my breath just some ignorant escapade
    of residing worthlessness...
    Is this image I have created inside my cranium
    a misconstrued have-not?
    In my mind...
    the answer I seek will never be within arms reach
    for my inconclusive nature withholds my potential
    to foresee the error...
    or the success
    of my
    tenacious reckoning...