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Vision is the Only Way..

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  • Vision is the Only Way..

    Almost everybody these days is fake in one way or another...
    The mirage of what someone should be and do blinds the man who see's clear like the Gods..
    The heart is so pure, but tainted with feelings of hate and rage..
    But then the man finds a sort of contentment...
    Knowing the friend is the enemy and the enemy is the friend...
    Understanding the fraudulence grows, but unlike Pinocchio it ceases to be revealed to the blind man...
    The man who is the loyalest and whole with perspicacity,
    Only after de-purifying the heart may the Godlike vision become inevitable...
    The ceilings and walls close, but the man must prevail, bursting out with a truculent force ignoring the pain the man endured.
    Since..that.., is the only way the man can see clear like the Gods...
    Even the keenest of men can fall.., but only through strength, loyalty, and honor can the true man inside prevail...
    The boy can be handed all the tools in the shed, but be cursed with the burden of his own inane mannerisms...
    It is only up to you as the man to foresee your own fate...
    The strength of the inner man must be wielded like a broad sword..
    Allow nothing to thwart thee!

    The tools must be sharpened and the man must learn the error in his ways...

    Or forever be cursed with his own insanity............

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    Hi, the first of your poems I am reading (but I like both the titles you've posted lately) .

    This is good, you have good sentiments and an emotion you've maintained... this feeling of what you're talking about is about Wholeness, like you said, and you began talking about how everybody's fake. A sort of alienation leads to this hate and rage, right, and confusion. At the next pivot, I am admittedly kind of confused myself-- His contentment he finds is the idea of "friend and enemy" becoming opposite concepts, an inversion of values. The line "Understanding the fraudulence grows, but unlike Pinocchio it ceases to be revealed to the blind man...". It's unclear to me how "it" (fraudulence, right?) is related to Pinocchio, and I'm finding it hard to understand this part. It's kind of confusing, and I'm unsure if it's language construction or what.
    I was unsure if you meant "de-purifying" too, or just purifying, which I figure makes more sense.
    See overall I am in line with your poem and the message, I feel it, and I think it's something important, this Seeing like God. It's a sort of rumination on the personality and possible pitfalls.
    I see how you mentioned feelings of hate and rage, and then began to describe the way, seemingly, beyond these things...
    Remaining steadfast and honoring this stuff makes all the difference. You speak with a truth and a sentiment I'm familiar with, and I so know those "inane mannerisms". You hit the nail on the head, for me personally, with that line.

    Anyway I am glad to read ya, glad you posted. Thanks for sharing! And peace!
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      Hey, thankz I appreciate you reading my poetry!

      By fraudulence I am referring to the many things that ones comes across in life no matter what it be (mainly people) who come and may portray themselves as one way and though time you realize their true nature or reality. We all have ways in which we say things some good some bad, but somewhat untruthful at times. So unlike Pinocchio their noses do not grown when lies nu-breath their mouths, so the blind man may not realize their true selves until sometime dealing with the person or entity. I did mean de-purifying because in my head and through my experience people make mistakes and through those mistakes we learn and grown. Therefore by de-purifying the heart we grown from those bad things or injustices we may experience and come to new realizations no matter what they may be. I try to analyze things from my own point of view while taking into consideration all things a person thinks, does, experiences throughout life, and through those memories/encounters reflect if that makes sense. It's a little hard to explain, but it helps me to think about a broad spectrum of things.

      I am elated you enjoyed and I may have commented on a poem or two of yours regardless I know I enjoyed some poems of yours as well amenOra. I appreciate your insights and as well peace out!


      • amenOra
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        Thank you for the explanation. I had taken de-purify to mean one would take the purity from something, not actually keep it pure. I like the way you see things, for sure, I would like to see more. Peace