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Frozen By Day Melted By Night - by The Lorax

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  • Frozen By Day Melted By Night - by The Lorax

    I sure do miss the Barbaloots in their Barbaloot suits
    and the humming fish with their hummy hoots...
    Now it's just so sad,..
    not even a grit of Grickle Grass or a wiff of Trufula Tree...
    This is so sad. It makes me mad! But it isn't all bad,..
    this ice age just can't last!
    I remember I had an antepast, but of course it just couldn't last!
    It's hard to adjust, but I just can't bust!
    Oh my...was that a gust? Should I mistrust?
    It was, it was a warm out thrust!!! The ice must bust
    The weather it must readjust.
    And when it does it will be no imitation leather for the weather will be better.
    When the ice melts, heart will too.
    For it will flow through the crusts of the Earth and the soil it must!
    The Peachy Plants and the Willy Willows will a thirst and their Lensler Leaves will become un-foiled.
    But that's not all that will follow,..
    the Wind Whirlers Wands cast the H2O molecules an enthalpy spell.
    This spell isn't just a little tale to tell for it entails a list of continual spells.
    The Coucher Clouds swallowed all that water vapor that wallowed, so now these clouds are no longer hollow.
    I think they have swallowed a bit too much lager.
    Their aching bellows have become all swellow so *RUUUUSSSH*
    Comes the water from their aching little bellows.
    So now all my little fellows can come back and be mellow...

    (This describes the water cycle in a fun and exciting way; it was a class assignment of mine. Hope you enjoyed!)

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    Jazzy G you area a polished, accomplished writer. The cream always rises to the top. This is a uniquely wonderful write and you are a much welcomed addition to the zone. I know I’m not alone when I say “ many poets here will enjoy your works” and we are all happy to have you aboard.


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      I appreciate you. I tried pretty hard this was one of my more intricate poems. I was impressed by your works Bobby Del Boy very interesting reads in general from all poets here. Thankz, glad to be a part of the community!!!


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        Anything "Seuss-i-fied" is so much more fun (and interesting)! Way to go Jazzy G !


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          So cool! I love reading on Earth science about the weather/atmosphere... Enjoyed your playful tone and the lines which tended to a longer and "voluminous" flow. Reminded me of Seuss definitely, yes, and I enjoyed how I could distinctly 'hear' this one, in an inner way Thanks for sharing this delight


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            I think RLW hit this right on the head. This was so fun to read and I enjoyed it, the structure, the twists and turns - to use RLW’s word it is Seuss-i-fied"