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  • Flooding the Zone

    When you post six poems by you
    you push new poets down the queue
    Posting your poems one at a time
    allows us all to savor your rhymes

    Not looking for an argument
    just looking for what's fair
    I think we’re all in agreement
    there’s great poets eager to share

    See my my poem “Rhymezone’s Kentucky Derby” Pass the baton to the poet next to you
    At the end of the day, you’ll feel better about you....
    Last edited by Bobby Del Boy; 07-09-2019, 01:55 PM.

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    We've addressed this topic before Bobby - thanks for bringing it up again (in rhyming style).

    We always wonder if other poets are aware that when they repeat post, one piece after the other, that it's not only difficult for a reader to find creative ways to comment, but also that it pushes the one who seldom posts or is new to the forum, far down or off the first page.

    I know that when I first started at the Rhymezone, and wrote two-three (or more) poems every day because I saw a style and wanted to try it, I had a tendency to do this. But if you are repeatedly posting multiple poems, and rarely if ever giving others a chance to shine, don't be surprised if other poets are lukewarm in supporting you.

    There are no rules about this, to my knowledge. Like most things in life, it is common sense and courtesy that win the day.


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      I concur Paula. Being on this site for years, the ones who have the most respect and resonant connections get it. I have a sad feeling I will have to come back to this subject again and again. I hope that is not the case.


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        I posted 3 poems today, but that is a good thing to consider. Thanks for the polite reminder !


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          Bobby Del Boy - Hats off for your recognition of how good "appreciation" can easily become washed away by a flood, proving that a tsunami is not restricted to just land and sea. Thanks BDB. Namyh