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A World Without Hate

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  • A World Without Hate

    All the love in the world is long gone
    Endless violence, mindless assaults
    All the blood spilled over broken ground
    All the voices have brought down every wall

    Why fight when we can live in peace?
    Why do people feel the need to hurt?
    Don't they ever realise their own anger?
    It doesn't matter, the horizon shall burn

    Until there's nothing, left of here

    All the joy shattered and broken
    What made us complete, will never be regained
    Something may have fueled each of our minds
    For what it's become now, we hang our heads in shame

    Why be enemies when we can all be friends?
    Why let differences get in the way of our lives?
    If that's the way to resolve, have it your way
    But know this, you are all rotten inside

    Until there's nothing, left in your heart

    Violence seems ordinary
    Abuse dominates
    Crime shall bring on an end
    One hopeless vision of mine
    A world without hate

    All the leaves have fallen like tears on her face
    All the faith there once was, now lies in ruin
    All there is left, after nights and days of misery
    We have the nerve to call ourselves human

    Why can't we get along just for this once?
    Why hate me when you can just ignore me?
    No one's going to listen, they just don't care
    So they'll do all the things, as they please
    Until there's nothing left, in all of us

    Until there's no faith left, for the world

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    This poem was very enlightening into your idealizations. I enjoyed this poem and think you have very good insights into this world. Hats off to you Bry89 !!!


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      Thanks very much!

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    A ray of sunshine writ large against a dark landscape Bry89 . Hold onto that vision -- the world needs more like it.


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